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How do I activate Import / Export?

Please follow the link to know how to activate Import / Export Client IE Configuration
How do I login to TVSSCORES?
From the VPN :
Server Details
Live Server :
Training Server :
Validation Server :
When Prompted for : Enter Login and Password If you do not have a Login or Password please get in touch with callcentre at

How do I extend the Sale Contract Validity Period?

Sale Contract Amendment
Login as Customer Interfacer
1.Switch Context :
Role : Customer Interfacer
2.Menu Path
Business Process: Sales and Shipping Component : TVS-Sales Contract Activity : Maintain Sales Contract
3.Select the Sale Contract No and press Enter
4.Click Amend task button (Message:Sale contract no amended sucessfully)
5.Change the Effective to date and click Maintain task button (Message: Sale contract no Modified Successfully).
For Authorizing the Sale Contract
Login as Customer Account Incharge
1.Enter the Sale contract Number and press ENTER.
2.Check the contract status is in Under Amendment.
3.Click Authorise task Button
(Message : Sale contract Authorised Sucessfully).

What should I do when I get a System Error?

1) Refresh and Retry.
2) Please logout of TVS Scores and Re-login and try doing the activity.
3) if you continue to get system error post a ticket to giving
a) The menu path and button on clicking of which the error occured.
b) Location at which you tried to carry out the activity

How to solve "Capacity Of BLPO - ITEM Code - TMID should not be greater than the capacity of VCV vehicle"?

To find the Capcity of BLPO -ITEMCODE- TMID:
1.Find the BLPO NO for the particular VCV NO.
2.Find the ITEMCODE for the BLPO NO.
3.Find the TMID for the ITEM CODE
4.Find the Capacity of the TMID.
To find the Capacity of Vehicle TMID.
5.Find the TMID of Vehicle.
6.Find the Capacity of TMID.
7.Step 4 and Step 6 should be same if not this error occurs.
Please find below the details of VCV
VCV No : VCV00005816/041011 is having BLPO NO : BPO00000116/010910 in which Item Code : TATHAR15.4TFCAT is available.
This Item Code is having TMID as 171B for which the capacity is 15435.000
VCV Vehicle NO : CG04JB3622 is having TMID as 160C for which the capacity is 14000.000

How do I add Global Address Book to Outlook?

You can select email address and refer details of individual using the Address Book facility within Outlook email interface. Please follow the instruction in this file Global Address Book Configuration Guide.

Resource Sharing Using Web Email Calendar:- Booking & Viewing

Using the Email Server Calendar we can share the resources which are common in our offices. Please follow the document link to know the procedure Resource Sharing.

How do I Get sent items from Blackberry to Outlook ?

The BB users send many emails to others from the device. This could be either new, reply or forwards. Usually what is send from BB never appears in the Outlook on your Laptop. Please follow the link BB to Outlook

How do I Edit my Outlook Address Book?

Please follow the link to know how to edit Address Book in Outlook Edit Outlook Adress Book